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Aortic Stenosis and Dyslipidemia

Viernes, Julio 10, 2020

A study using a Mendelian randomization design finds causal associations between elevated total cholesterol and LDL levels and AS.
To date, aortic stenosis (AS) has no recommended prevention strategies, and statins have failed to slow disease progression in randomized trials. However, questions remain about whether dyslipidemia is associated with the condition. In a study employing a Mendelian randomization design, researchers used the random allocation of alleles associated with dyslipidemia to assess causal links from dyslipidemia to AS or to aortic regurgitation (AR) and mitral regurgitation (MR) in 432,173 participants from the UK Biobank.


Código de aprobación: PP-CVP-ECU-0035